The Benefits of Marketing Automation Solutions

The advent of the Internet and the continuous improvements in networking infrastructure has led to marketing automation solutions. This is a modern way of putting together a company’s business strategies and marketing processes, so that it would be easier to generate, identify, qualify, and develop leads that can fulfill the bottom line profit goals.

Not so long time ago, marketers have started to do Internet marketing via different media or methods: email marketing, website building, direct mailing, and online advertising. Separate implementations mean separate tracking or monitoring, which could be too much work, considering technology should be making things much easier.

The advancement in technology in marketing automation and customer relationship management has made it possible to automate these marketing methods for mid-sized enterprises. This improved system is more efficient and yes, more effective.

These new marketing automation solutions can be integrated to any existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems in order to keep track of the leads from the first inquiry to the closing of the sale. The integration provides a closed-loop automated system that allows one to generate reports for marketing activities that have been implemented. This makes it easy for marketing pros to compute for the return and measure it against their projections and costs.

Using these automated systems, a company can benefit from:

Keeping sales and marketing aligned so that it is easy for the organization to close the loop from lead acquisition to sales closing.
Turning over leads that have higher chances of closing since these have already been scored and nurtured prior to sales calls.
Lower costs for implementing marketing activities
Increased accountability – marketers can immediately quantify the impact of the investments on resulting revenues
Increased credibility – marketers can easily identify which activities made the best results

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